The Dream Chaser

by Anne Higgins Petz

The Dream Chaser, a novel of hopeful perseverance in the face of continual adversity, combines dark humor, tragic intensity and suspense. Blake Doyle, a handsome, smart New York City newspaper writer, is haunted by memories of a horrific childhood trauma. As compensation, he drinks too much, ignores his responsibilities, and pins his hopes of fame and fortune on selling a board game he created especially for children. His quest for financial backing takes him and three friends on a rollicking ride from Manhattan to Vermont, Ireland, and finally North Carolina, where they encounter hilarious adventures and heart- wrenching disappointments. Blake’s efforts are constantly stymied, usually due to his own shortcomings, but also by Liz, his controlling, slightly unhinged fiancée. His best friend Chet, and Dee, a public relations executive, both attempt to prevent Blake from destroying himself. Years of abusing his body with alcohol and drugs have taken their toll, when his health breaks down, he is forced to confront his demons and accept the fact that he may never achieve the dreams that he had so relentlessly tried to chase down.

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