Secrets of the Universe (What They Didn’t Tell You in School)

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by Jon Batson

Words of wisdom and tongue-in-cheek observations by author, songwriter and student of life, Jon Batson. It has been called “sweet cool lemon-aide” to people who have allowed their life’s story to turn them into sour pusses. This is written as a pleasurable and often amusing book that gives readers access to learn how to begin to live a better life and reminder of the deep nuggets of truth.

Midnight Whistler Publishers (December 7, 2011)


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Sample Chapter

What You Say, Happens!

Just as you should be specific when you ask the Universe for something; just as you should dream big when you dream; you should know that what you say, happens.

If you go around saying, “I don’t have a good memory,” you will begin to forget who you said it to. There’s nothing wrong with saying, “I used to have a bad memory, but now I remember everything.” Say it enough and you will, even if you didn’t before. If friends call you on it, reminding you that you don’t remember anything, get new friends.

There are those who call that saying a lie until it’s true, or even “speaking the truth in advance.”

Are people who sing the blues singing the blues because they’re depressed, or are they depressed because they’re singing the blues? I don’t know, but I’m not taking any chances.

The same friend who asked my wife if she was having a bad hair day would often say, “If you say so.” You’d say, “Mondays are always bad” and he’d say, “If you say so.”

You see, saying “Mondays are always bad” puts you at the effect of Mondays; you are not causing the goodness or badness of the day, you are letting Monday cause how it affects you. My friend saying, “If you say so” puts one at the point of cause. You are now in charge, you are responsible for the day, causing it to be good or bad.

Ain’t that a pisser?

Perhaps just saying it will be a good day is not enough to make it so, but do you want to take that chance?

Suppose that’s all there is to it? You change your mind and the whole day, the whole world, changes. What a concept! On the slim chance that it is possible, let it begin with you.

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Secrets of the Universe (What They Didn’t Tell You in School)

  1. Bernadette

    Secrets of the Universe gives sweet cool “lemon-aide” to people who have allowed their life’s story to turn them into sour pusses. Your words … remind me of the deep nuggets of truth from the Book of Wisdom.

  2. Darlene

    I enjoyed your bite sized bits of wisdom and humor. It is a fun read.

  3. Beverly

    I love Secrets of the Universe! Your insights and wit are just terrific. The whole book was enlightening and tickled my funny bone, too.

  4. Jan

    Secrets of the Universe is wonderful and a must-read for everyone! Insightful with sage advice delivered with such wit and humor one forgets it is non-fiction.

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