Encounter In a Small Café and Other Short Stories


by Jon Batson

From the author of The Rands Conspiracy and Deadly Research comes this light collection of short stories. Some are prize winners, some have been seen in magazines or online. All have a quirky hitch to them that we have come to expect from Jon Batson’s stories.

Some short stories included are:

In Powder Monkey of Cape Fear, a young lad is not sure why his grandfather wants to see him, but Grandpa Tom is taking his own sweet time to tell the tale, a tale going back to the 1700’s.

In the final days of the Civil War, Confederate Blockade Runners bring in desperately needed supplies via the Wilmington train. The engineer is a hero to his nephew, from whose trembling lips we hear the untold story of Gaston’s Last Run.

At the breakout of the Second World War, a sailor on the battleship North Carolina and a young local girl, meet and fall in Love at the Lumina Pavilion.



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