Doll Bodies and Other Strange Sci-fi Tales


by Jon Batson

Out-of-this-world tales including other possible futures, space stories, and excerpts from future full-length projects. If the world is getting far too real for you, here’s a little Sci-Fi in your day.

A couple on the way to the doctor is accosted by an armed mugger and an unexpected visitor.
In one of many possible futures, people have banded together into packs to enhance their survival, except for a few who are out for themselves. A brother and sister foraging for food have more than wild dogs to watch for, there are also the “Selfers.”

A distant planet, inhospitable and wild, has not much to recommend it, but it’s popular anyway. A dangerous assignment at the far reaches of space means only one way to decide who’s to go and who’s to stay – draw lots.
The office receptionist was beautiful, shapely and sexy – if only she was real.

Our heroine is first a suspect, then a witness, always in danger.



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