Adventures of a Space Bum (4 Book Series)

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Complete Set of 4-Part Series by Jon Batson

Speeding through the universe Flax, a specially equipped space vehicle with a mind of her own, carries young captain Starwort Bacchus and her rag-tag crew in a galaxy-wide hunt to secure her father’s legacy – which everyone seems to know more about than her. Will she find it before the Central Government finds them, local constables arrest them and criminals overwhelm them? The sky and her little vessel are both getting very crowded.

Midnight Whistler Publishers (October 29, 2015)


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Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Adventures of a Space Bum (4 Book Series)

  1. Michael L Nelson

    Our female sci-fi heroine learns about love and betrayal, peace and war. We root and cheer for her at every dangerous turn of events. Jon Batson has spun another great tale with life’s wisdom invisibly sewn into the web!

    – Micheal N., Author

  2. Anne Higgins Petz

    Fascinating! I could not put this book down. I’ve not been a sci-fi fan, but this novel has changed me. Jon Batson has taken the problems we now face on earth, with the possible calamities they may cause our planet in years to come, and created an engaging beautifully, written story. His talent is amazing and reminds me of H.G. Wells.

    – Anne P., Author

  3. Robert

    I couldn’t help myself. I read this straight through and couldn’t put it down. I like the easy, readable style, short sentences and quick action. I read everything with one thing always in the back of my mind – how would one make a screenplay out of this? There is a lot of potential for an animation story.

    – Robert

  4. – Miranda

    This was a refreshing and entertaining book. Children and young adults will become fans of this unique series I am neither, and I am a fan.

    – Miranda

  5. Steven

    A very enjoyable read. Batson weaves character, action and plot seamlessly. Put down your X-box and pick up this book.
    – Steven S., Author

  6. Diann

    Tyrannical governments, the eternal quest for freedom from such, treachery, holograms and sentient space ships, heroes and villains and believable characters are all here. Jon Batson is a wordsmith who weaves an interplanetary adventure injecting just the right amount of humor and insightful quips into the ‘human’ condition.

    – Diann

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