Jon Batson

Author | TV & Hollywood Singer/Songwriter

Jon’s artistic career began with music. Influenced by Kris Kristofferson, Burl Ives, Leon Redbone and Bob Gibson, he began writing and performing songs ⎯ which he believed were a three-minute movie ⎯ in the 1960s in bars and coffee houses. In addition to a string of album and CD releases, Jon’s music has been heard on television, including in the hit series Murder She Wrote and “The Tonight Show”. He also wrote five original musicals produced in Hollywood, CA, and performed on such stages as the John Anson Ford Theatre.  In 2005, Jon made the move from Los Angeles, CA, to Raleigh, NC, with his wife Eileen. In the “Old North State,” he continued to perform at a variety of venues.

Few musical talents can make the cross over from singer/songwriter to author. Yet in fact, Jon did this time-and-time again, and began writing short stories. Deciding to combine his vivid imagination with his love of words and the English language, Jon began writing titles ranging from conspiracy theories, to suspense to science fiction. He has 21 published paperback books and, 20 eBooks including his popular, gripping soft adult and young adult sci-fi books, Adventures of a Space Bum.

“Stepping out into the light, I didn’t realize that it would be so bright. My time has come surrounded by the sky. Unfolding untried wings I leap off and I fly. Here in the sky, one thing I’ve found. You cannot fly with your feet on the ground .”


From “The Point of No Return” lyrics by © Jon Batson – Awaken the Dreamer CD

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