How it all began

Midnight Whistler Publishers was started in 1979 to publish the music of Jon Batson, licensing songs for stage musicals, television and cinema. It expanded in 2007 to help best-selling non-fiction author, Beverly Eakman, put her eye-opening education articles together into an anthology: “Walking Targets – How Our Psychologized Classrooms are Producing a Nation of Sitting Ducks”.

Today, MWP specializes in helping independent authors create new worlds and inspire imagination.

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Our Genres

MWP publishes a wide variety of book genres in multiple formats including print, eBooks and audiobooks!

Publishing Services

If your manuscript is a match for us we will provide you publishing options. We can facilitate small print runs to full service. We help you take your book from an idea to reality and get it into the market place by providing proven promotional tips and world-class marketing materials you need and want. You are kept informed every step of the way.

Promotional Process

We help you leverage technology and marketing tools to increase the visibility of your books to get them into the hands of readers.

Ready to Get Started?

Tell us where you are in the process and how we can best help you. Whether you need an accountability partner, coach, editor, or any other related writing and self-publishing services, MWP is dedicated to serving independent authors. Give us a couple days and we’ll provide a custom proposal so you get the help you need.

Featured Author

Introducing Jon Batson

Born in Washington, D.C., Jon Batson was always curious about the meaning of life. He valued love, freedom, philosophy and education, and firmly believed “If you do not grow, you shrink”, and “If it ain’t fun – don’t go!” A creative soul and free spirit, Jon left behind his legacy through music, short stories, books and his popular four-part, “best” science fiction books – Adventures of a Space Bum.

Jon Batson passed away January 16, 2017. Throughout his 72 years, he touched thousands of lives and his memory will live on through his music, short stories and books. Jon’s signature is intentionally provocative and refreshingly entertaining, his works are described as “thought-provoking and exhilarating.”

Featured Books


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